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On December 8, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the Central District of California’s denial of Illektron, LLC’s motion for preliminary injunction to enjoin Playmates Toys, Inc. from using the trademark BATTLE DICE in connection with its children’s game. Read the article in it's entirty HERE

Which Sentinel do you have?
Although not as rare as you might think. Auctions & Retailers would do better to market these as Non-Unique..

Countries Selling Marvel Battle Dice
Although I have yet to see a French Site for Marvel Battle Dice there are sites in:
Poland | Norway, Denmark & Sweden.
Check them out each site has Rulebooks, Playmats, Dice Translations and commercials from their regions.

News: February 1, 2007
- Marvel Battle Dice hits stores in France. Publications indicate Hasbro is distributing Starters and Boosters to French Retailers. These starters are still Playmates Branded.

Posts indicate the Series 1 boosters contain the never released Series 2 figures that were slotted to be distributed in the US last July ('06). See this Thread in the forums for details and shots of what are to be some very anticipated figures.

The French release have 3 languages on packaging and dice, both are in French, Spanish and Dutch. Figures are printed in english.

If anyone can get their hands on French Booster, Starters or Launcher Images as well as the Playmats and Rulebook Scans please feel free to give us all a look by posting them in the forums.

OLD News: September 12, 2006
- Playmates announces that it will no longer be supporting Marvel Battle Dice. Details on their site state: Playmates has decided to refocus their attention away from Battle Dice support, and as a result, the web site is being shut down. At this time, plans for a Series 2 release in the US are on hold and we do not know when, if ever, Series 2 or DC Battle Dice will be released.

As a note I will continue to keep this site up for all the fans of the game. What a sad day indeed when a good clean games goes down. Hopefully with enough support we can rally them to release something for Christmas. Who knows. Feel free to post your thoughts in the forum.

OLD News: June 1, 2006
- Approximately 500 introductory kits were released during the month of June. These kits were shipped to various retailers to promote the Marvel Heroes Battle Dice game. The kit includes a How-To DVD and a rare promotional Clear Invisible Woman figure, along with various product line pieces. If you have any futher info about these kits please let me know or post it on the Battle Dice Forums.

Marvel Heroes Battle Dice Commercial
See the Marvel Battle Dice TV Commercial

You've reached the ultimate Marvel Heroes Battle Dice Fan-site.
This site is dedicated to help you learn all about the Marvel Battle Dice game.

To get started you'll need a Starter Set:
  • 6 figures - 3 Hereos and 3 Villians
  • 6 unique Battle Dice - 2 Blue, 2 Red and 2 Yellow
  • 2 Battle Mats
  • Rules and info sheet
Now that you're ready you can start to collect your favorite Marvel Heroes from seperate booster packs (3 Figures in each Booster).
Build the ultimate army, supplement it with collectible dice. And prepare yourself for all out war.

Marvel Battle Dice Booster
A standard game is to gather an Army of Heroes or Villians that have a recomended core value of 30. You can only have one of each unique character in your arsenal, (Such as Wolverine) while non unique characters Battle Dice Attack Powers have no limitations and those considered to have Cosmic Powers Cosmic Figure are limited to just one for every 30 points used to create a team.

There are 6 attributes used to define each figure. Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Durability, Energy Projection and Fighting Ability. Some abilities are always active and some must be activated or triggerd from various events.


Each Hero's powers will influence the battle with icons that are colored to match a particular ability.
Example: Spider Man's Ranged Weapon: "Web Shooters" will add +2 to his battle total if the Attribute of the battle is Fighting Skills and if Spidey is not defeated by more than 3 points his "Danger Sense"  will send him back to his own "Staging Zone".

Dice come with special game play instructions and are numbered
1 to 23.

Winning! The player that has captured all of their opponents figures in their "Holding Zone" is the Winner of the game.

Special Thanks to Grimshade from "MBD" offiial Forums for the color scans.

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